Jubilant Bridge

2018 Independent Music Awards Vox Populi Award, Holiday Song Category 

Finalist, Best Group or Duo, 8th International Acoustic Music Awards

Double Finalist (two songs), Best Group or Duo, 7th International Acoustic Music Awards

Formal Showcases, FAR-West Regional Folk Alliance, Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conferences

First Place, Texas Death Match Ensemble, Colorado Dulcimer Festival


Carol Van Alstine

                                 Finalist, 2017 Grassy Hill Songwriting Competition

Finalist, 2016 Song Door contest, “A Bell A Bird A Star” 

BMI Songwriter Award, 2010 Mid-Atlantic International Song Contest

Silver, “Power Lines” 2010 Mid-Atlantic International Song Contest

Honorable Mention, “On the Other Foot,” 2004 Billboard World Song Contest

Honorable Mention, “Happenstance,” 2004 Billboard World Song Contest

Honorable Mention, “Back To the Bone,” 2004 Billboard World Song Contest

2nd Place, Jitterbug Contest, Dance Cotillion, Bethesda, MD*



Willie Jaeger

Finalist, Best Instrumental, 2016 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, “Winterlude”

Finalist, Best Instrumental Composition, ”Another Run At the Mountain/Willie’s Jig,” 2011 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

Gold, Best Original Instrumental Compositions, “Willie’s Jig” (2009), “Another Run At the Mountain” (2010) National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

2nd Place Finalist, National Mountain Dulcimer Championship, Winfield, KS

“Best Local Folkie,” Westword (Denver’s Alternative Weekly), Best of Denver

Most Improved Lineman and Sportsmanship Awards, North Shore High School Soccer

Big Piggie Award, for quantity of pancakes consumed at one sitting,*

Inducted into the Ancient and Honorable Order of Squirrels, Roosevelt National Forest*

*We are not making these up





I put on your CD for background music while I unpacked.  After half a song I had to stop unpacking and sit down with the CD insert so I could give the music my full attention for the entire CD.  Absolutely lovely melodies, unique and tight harmonies, unusual arrangements and lyrics with great depth—I was mesmerized.  Everything—every note, the cover design, the songs—seemed carefully and beautifully chosen.  I am so happy to have this as a memento of my time at the festival.  Kathryn L., Creative Arts Therapist, Minneapolis, MN

Now THAT’S a duo!  Karen Mal, Singer/Songwriter, Austin, TX

You guys rock!  Caitlyn G., Littleton, CO

Iloveitiloveiiloveitiloveiloveit…she is such a beautiful baby!!!!  Your CD is wonderful—beyond words my friends!  Great depth in the instrumentation, harmonies are sooo unique and that dulcimer is spectacular!  Your best yet for sure!  Marti W., Morrison, CO

Your new CD is AWESOME!  Been listening to nothing but this CD since it arrived—I think I have everything memorized.  Kim J., Highlands Ranch, CO

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your new CD—it is excellent!  Nancy S., CO

Have followed Jubilant Bridge for at least two decades (own JB vinyl); you guys are timeless! Look forward to hearing/seeing you live again soon!  Phil C., Lafayette, CO

I chanced upon your music and absolutely loved it!!  I think I am the only South African that has ever heard of Jubilant Bridge!  If I have anything to do with it….I will not be the last either!  I play your music constantly!  Tony W., South Africa

I just want you to know, want you to realize, just how special, how magical your music is.  I’ve concentrated my whole life on groups with harmonies….You two have something that is so !@#$%^& special, that is so beautiful.  I want you to know and keep remembering that.  Katie M., Bailey, CO

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me be part of your new CD.  What joy! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you both!  Your care and devotion to your music is unsurpassed!  I have made new friends and some great new music as well…You guys were fabulous live.  Willie is a kick on stage.  The audience actually laughs at his jokes.  You were wonderful!  The energy coming off the stage was amazing.  The audience loved it!  Steve Avedis, Engineer, Colorado Sound Studios, Westminster, CO

I was knocked out by the “Happenstance” CD.  Mark W., Potomac, MD

I LOVE the CD, I know when I get chills it’s good, wow, I love it.  It’s really beautiful, I haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet, your arrangements of the “British Invasion Medley” and “Refugee” are brilliant, also original stuff is beautiful, too, I couldn’t even wait until the end of the listen to tell you.  Kim B, Chesapeake, VA

Thanks for the latest CD.  It’s marvelous to hear so much great dulcimer.  Love “Hush”—great rhythm, fun tune; “British Invasion” and the madrigal-ese; “Back to the Bone.”  This is a great collection.  Don and Joan, Richmond, VA

They are simply an extraordinary folk group.  Their harmony and melodies are simply exquisite and haunting.  Jeff B., Vail, CO

I really enjoyed your music last night.  I just happened to wander in after an eight-hour drive.  Your craftsmanship and soothing sounds were a perfect way of forgetting the tensions of the road.  Jack B., VA

Thanks for the wonderful show this past weekend in Long Island.  Your music has always been a great inspiration for me, and I’m glad I could make it out to see you this time around.  Adam G., NJ

I love your album, “Under Shattered Skies.” Love it!  Charles W., New Milford, CT

I love it, I love it, I love it!  [“Under Shattered Skies”]  Mary Cliff, WETA-FM

Thanks for a wonderful evening of entertainment.  My wife and I enjoyed your group very much!  Jim H., Golden, CO

I enjoy your beautiful voices and music.  Keep it comin’.  Lori P., Golden, CO

What a pleasure it is to hear your voices blending together again.  Ron T., Durham, NH

I’m just listening to the tracks of “Under Shattered Skies” a zillionth time, and marveling at how good you really are….I love your music and wish you the absolute best.  I love the imagery of “Shifting Into Red.”  Most thoughtfully moving lyric I’ve ever heard.  Ian W., Mobile, AL

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening you provided for me and my daughter.  Your CD is great!  Bob H., Loveland, CO

Congratulations to you two sweeties for a beautiful recording!  Bonnie Carol, Nederland, CO

I had the pleasure of attending several of your sets at Kerrville and picked up a copy of “Under Shattered Skies” which I’ve been listening to non-stop ever since…I just returned from walking the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage trail across northern Spain and spent many days happily singing the songs from your CD.  Thanks so much for the music.  Nancy W., Driftwood, TX

“Crazy Like the Wind” has become one of my most favorite albums.  Ed B., MN

Many thanks for the excellent album.  John Lomax III, Nashville, TN

You’ve become very special to me.  Egad…I’ve written a fan letter.  Age 46.  Never before—not Ricky Nelson, not Elvis, not even Peter, Paul & Mary.  See what you’ve done?  By the way, I’d consider it a personal favor if you’d cut another record.  Thank you, Willie and Carol, for the pleasure your talent has given me.  Judy M, Austin, TX

I found myself enchanted and smiling throughout the entire evening!  Karen M., Paonia, CO

“Jessee” was absolutely one of the prettiest folk pieces I have ever heard, as it gave me goose bumps.  Beautiful harmonizing, much the same as Ian & Sylvia, and Reilly & Maloney, two of my favorite folk artists.  Keep that great music coming.  I just love your sound.  As I mentioned before, and I am serious, you are another Ian & Sylvia in the making.  Charles L., S. Windsor, CT

Your voice, and your playing, are so warm, and beautiful, and relaxing—soothing. I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to sit and listen.  Anonymous, card in the tip jar

Thanks for the pleasant evening.  Roxy thanks you for the fine entertainment and for the song you dedicated to her (whine—-woof—whimper).  Bob, Buena Vista, CO