I Like Dumbo, Too, But The Beatles Are My Favorite

Yes, we had a wonderful time at the conference.  Dumbo was a definite highlight, but my favorite activity was the Beatles Jam.  Yes, I stayed up until 5 AM (the only time I ever do such a thing, well, unless there’s a lunar eclipse or something equally cosmic).  Smaller than in past years, but still, you can’t beat 25-30 people in a small hotel room, some coming and going, singing and playing, remembering every lick, every vocal nuance, of our favorite songs.  And we had a lively discussion of the first chord of “A Hard Day’s Night.”   Sublime.

Cardinals galore at Pedernales Falls, and even at Palo Duro Canyon, in Texas.  Never seen them that far west before.  There’s hope they’ll come to Colorado yet.  And petroglyphs/pictographs in Picture Canyon in Comanche National Grasslands in SE Colorado.  A nice two-day vacation!

Back here at home, there has been an influx of googly eyes and Halloween wind-ups (pumpkins, mummies, ghosts, bats).  And Nemo, the big stuffed fish, has been turned into a witch.  Never a dull moment here.   I never know what I’m going to find, glowing in the dark.



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  1. Marti says:

    Sounds like fun Carol!

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