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Today is Beatles Day

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Today is Beatles Day.  So I have declared.  February 7 – the day The Beatles came to America.

It was 50 years ago today.  Everyone will be writing that.  Little did they know, I know, we know, what that would mean.  The day the music changed.  The day the world changed.

It was all such a lark for them.  Visiting New York, Washington, D.C., and down to Florida.

Riding the train between New York and Washington (there was a snowstorm).  Photo ops in Central Park and on The Mall.  In one of my favorites, the U.S. Capitol shines behind them — two of my favorite icons. Down to Florida, and sparring with Cassius Clay (soon  to be Muhammed Ali), posing on the beach in old-fashioned striped swimsuits, swimming in the pool.

Performing on Ed Sullivan, in back-to-back weeks.  We sat, mesmerized, in front of the T.V. , me directly in front on the living room floor.  George, you were my first favorite, shy, but with a sly smile and a sly little kick. Ringo grooving on the beat, his beat, head and hair shaking from side to side.  The flash of “Sorry girls, he’s married” under John’s screen image — oh, how sad!  But Paul, oh Paul.  Oh, so irresistible.  Those eyes, that boyish demeanor.  Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you , tomorrow I’ll miss you.

And that hair — that beautiful, wild, new hair.  The next day, it was every boy’s dream.  And every girl’s.  And to sing and play that music, any music, became many’s dream.  Including mine.

And to see the world.  There’s more to the world than my little town.  We’re off to see the world.  The wonderful world of ours.

We’re off to change the world.

She Loves You.  All You Need Is Love.  Let It Be.  Imagine.

What more could you want in life?  What more could you need?

These are my creed.

(See “Four Common Men Create The Weather/Diamonds” on the Jubilant Bridge recording, “Under Shattered Skies”)