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On Sherlock, ye olde holiday songs, and a great showcase

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

WillieBob, WillieBob, have you any bull?  Yessir, yessir, 3 blogs full…  Which is to say, “Howdy,” and here’s hopin’ everybody survived the Super Bowl hype. We’ve been runnin’ ’round doin’ stuff and rehearsing and working on new old old Ye Olde holiday songs again–the holiday in question being Christmas as we have yet to start planning our Halloween CD.  And although we did take today off to discuss what the heck actually happened on Masterpiece Mystery’s “Sherlock” last night we will be hard at it again tomorrow.

About a week or so ago we also had a great showcase at the Colorado Parks & Recreation Association (CPRA)-sponsored Colorado Performing Arts Jamboree.  Let me just say that it is a wonderful feeling when the sound people get your sound correct immediately and that this happening should never, ever be taken lightly or for granted.  We got lots of great feedback and very much enjoyed making new friends and catching up with old ones, musicians and presenters alike.

Sooooo….  I’m off–now and forever I hope– to see the wizard.  Talk atcha again real soon.

Full Frontal Googly Eyes

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Hello again from Willie, your fearless, if almost hairless, full-frontal contact dulcimer player who just happens to have scored some large glow in the dark googly eyes.  Try not to turn green with envy–or illness if that’s how the cabbage rolls….  Sooooooooooooooooo….  We had a great time in ALBQ at Solid Grounds Coffeehouse at St Stephens United Methodist Church–good audience, good reception, good vibes, great room, and I seem to have passed my breathalyzer test with flyin’ colors if the balloons I released are any indication.  We’ll be at the Mercury Cafe ( 2199 California St, Denver) this Friday (11/15/13) eve from 7  to roughly 8:45 PM so if you are in listening distance do drop in.  It’s 10 measely bucks, such a deal.  I suspect Carol aka She Said will have more to say on the subject.  If you happen to have anything that glows in the dark I encourage you to bring &/or wear it.  The Merc also has alcohol and is dog friendly EXCEPT that you CANNOT bring one in with you so please get a setter–I mean sitter.  WillieBob signing off because he has to dish the dirt–I mean wash the dirty dishes– as is his want….  Plus, if you follow this sort of stuff, his blood panel is AWESOME!!

Dumbo is my favorite

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Aha!  Fancy meeting you here-we have to keep meeting like this…  Carol and I are back from Austin TX where we had a great time at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference (SWRFA) followed by a bit of a jaunt through NW TX.  Made some new friends at SWRFA and re-connected with many others while listening to a LOT of music.   We got a bunch of  good feedback on our own performances as well and left thinking how many valued friends we have made over the years through this conference.  One of the cooler moments was a song we wrote together & performed about doing lunch and getting high with Dumbo (we were tasked with the job of writing a song based on the topics “doing lunch” & “Dumbo is my favorite”).  It was well received andwe might actually do it for you one day if Carol can be persuaded (hint hint hint…).

 I am also pretty excited about the number of glow-in-the-dark items available this time of year, not to mention the great selection of wigs, mustaches, & other  generally temporary facial adornments.  Did I mention my new Googly-Eye glasses? I plan to sneak them on stage at our gigs and put’m on  when Carol is not looking  because I just can’t hold back from sharing their awesomeness….  See yas there


Blog Test Blog Test

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Read all about it.  All for Jubilant Bridge, stand up and shout it!  How exciting, my first Jubilant Bridge blog.  This is just the beginning of what I expect to be a great relationship—me writing and maybe even somebody reading my view of the Jubilant Bridge journey.  Welcome aboard and all hands on deck where I can see ’em.  Bwahahahahahaha….