Dumbo is my favorite

Aha!  Fancy meeting you here-we have to keep meeting like this…  Carol and I are back from Austin TX where we had a great time at the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference (SWRFA) followed by a bit of a jaunt through NW TX.  Made some new friends at SWRFA and re-connected with many others while listening to a LOT of music.   We got a bunch of  good feedback on our own performances as well and left thinking how many valued friends we have made over the years through this conference.  One of the cooler moments was a song we wrote together & performed about doing lunch and getting high with Dumbo (we were tasked with the job of writing a song based on the topics “doing lunch” & “Dumbo is my favorite”).  It was well received andwe might actually do it for you one day if Carol can be persuaded (hint hint hint…).

 I am also pretty excited about the number of glow-in-the-dark items available this time of year, not to mention the great selection of wigs, mustaches, & other  generally temporary facial adornments.  Did I mention my new Googly-Eye glasses? I plan to sneak them on stage at our gigs and put’m on  when Carol is not looking  because I just can’t hold back from sharing their awesomeness….  See yas there


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